HEICO Partnership

Seal Dynamics’ commitment to future growth was solidified when HEICO Aerospace, a NYSE-traded company, ranked among Forbes’ 100 “Best Small Companies,” acquired an interest in Seal Dynamics.

This unique affiliation of two world-leading product development and distribution companies has created an unprecedented base of intellectual capital. Our combined resource of talented engineers, scientists, designers and customer support specialists, along with extensive executive knowledge, provides material benefits to each company’s customers and partners. Working synergistically and employing best practices, Seal Dynamics and HEICO are engaged in a continual process of innovation and refinement aimed at developing even more successful relationships with our partner customers. The union of these two aerospace industry leaders allows each to offer a broadened product portfolio while simultaneously presenting their OEM/manufacturers with access to expanded segments of the industry.

Collectively, HEICO and Seal Dynamics bring a new dimension of technical and management expertise to the development and distribution of aerospace parts and components – an advantage that will benefit the industry for years to come.


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