As a leading global filtration company, Donaldson’s more than 100 years of dedication to continuous cutting-edge filtration research, development, and manufacturing helps ensure the highest standard of performance for your passengers and crew.

Superior cabin air filtration is more important than ever. Airline passengers are contemplating air travel safety in our changing world. Help build their confidence with proven, industry-leading cabin air filtration and purification.

Exceptional HEPA Filtration

Donaldson’s high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter provides extraordinary filtration efficiency, capturing 99.97% of contaminants down to 0.3 microns in size. To ensure the highest filtration rating possible, Donaldson developed extremely efficient, hospital-grade BIOAdvantage Antimicrobial HEPA Filtration Technology for its cabin air filters. This HEPA media filters airborne and microbial particles including pollen, smoke, dust, allergens, bacteria, spores, fungus, viruses, and other irritants*. Designed specifically for the unique requirements of the airline industry, Donaldson’s advanced HEPA Cabin Air product line is available for almost every commercial aircraft model today.

*An independent research study conducted by Nelson Laboratories reported that Donaldson standard HEPA filter media achieved a viral removal efficiency of greater than 99.99909% when challenged with bacteriophage fX174 virus organism.

Donaldson HEPA Filtration Difference

  • Filters designed in partnership with OEMs, delivering industry-leading performance
  • Designed to maintain optimum performance throughout the filter’s life
  • Installed on thousands of aircraft worldwide
  • Testing and solutions: Extensive in-house testing capabilities enable Donaldson to develop responsive solutions for all airlines by identifying their challenges and performance concerns.

Experience Advanced Filtration

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Air Purification System (APS)

In addition to the legendary Donaldson HEPA filtration, customers can upgrade their current system to the latest in advanced filtration solutions – the Donaldson Air Purification System (APS). Originally designed in partnership with Boeing for the revolutionary Boeing 787, Donaldson’s innovative APS filtration solution pairs EASA-recommended HEPA filtration with advanced air purification.


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