HEPA filters alone can miss important irritants that disrupt crew and passenger comfort – unpleasant and irritating odors in the ambient air such as exhaust, anti-icing fluid, bleed air, perfume, cleaning agents, and harsh chemicals. With enhanced disinfectant measures being put in place to protect crew and passengers, the need for an all-encompassing filtration solution is critical.

Donaldson’s advanced air purification system (APS) provides all of HEPA’s protections and benefits while also filtering odors and volatile organic compounds for enhanced passenger and crew comfort. The result: cleaner more comfortable air to breathe for all on board.

Introducing Donaldson Air Purification System (APS)

Originally designed in partnership with Boeing for the revolutionary Boeing 787, Donaldson’s innovative APS filtration solution pairs EASA-recommended HEPA filtration with advanced air purification. The Donaldson APS is available for the following aircraft models:

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