Strategic Partners

ap filtration – (FSCM U6829)
Fuel, Oil, Hydraulic Filter Elements and Assemblies, Indicators and Manifolds

Custom Control Sensors – (FSCM 09049)
Pressure and Temperature Switches, Dual-Snap Pressure Differential, Vacuum and Flow Switches

CIRCOR Aerospace – (FSCM 91816)
Check Valves, Relief Valves and Fluid Controls: Hydraulic, Fuel, Pneumatic, Waste Water, Actuation Systems

Cox & Company – (FSCM-98085)
Temperature Controls, Ice Protection Systems and Indicators

Ducommun Incorporated – (FSCM 08719, 59057, 65728, 00W38)
Push Button Switches, Relays, and Electronic Controllers

ELT, Underwater Locator Beacons and Battery Kits

Darchem Engineering – (FSCM K0510)
High Temperature Lightweight Thermal Insulation, Fire Protection Components.

GKN Aerospace – (FSCM 86175,K0672, U1610)
Passenger/Flight Deck Windows and Transparencies

Greene, Tweed – (FSCM 5F573)
Sealing System, Thermoplastic Composites, and Elastomers

Harco – (FSCM-00060)
Thermocouples, Sensors, Cable Assemblies, Wire Harnesses

Hartwell Corporation (FSCM: 83014)
Latches, latching systems, hinges and hold open rods

Meggitt Polymers and Composites – (FSCM 60980, U1901)
Elastomeric Ducting, Seals, Hoses, Cabin Window Seals, Flanges, Clamps, ESC Fire Seals and Cockpit Window Seals

Parker Chomerics – (FSCM 07700)
EMI Shielding

Parker Pradifa

Parker Pradifa (Advanced Products) – (FSCM 04319)
PTFE/ECS Seals and Metal Gaskets

PTI Technologies – (FSCM 05228)
Air, Fuel, Hydraulic, Lube, and Water Filtration

Radiant Power Corporation – (FSCM 1MXA1)
Power Systems and Lighting Controls

RSA Engineered Products – (FSCM-14711)
Metallic Ducting, Gimbals, APU Enclosures and Hoses

Triumph Group Integrated Systems– (FSCM 33068, 78710, D8913)

Pressure Oilers, Couplings, Dust Covers/Plugs, Push/Pull Controls and Mechanical Components

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